Want To Learn How To Calculate Your Daily Caloric Intake?

Here are the steps to figuring out your Daily Caloric Intake for:

Weight Loss
Weight Gain (Muscle or Fat)
Weight Maintenance

Begin by weighing yourself first thing in the morning after using the restroom.

Now, head over to Calorie Calculator

Fill out the following:

  1. Age
  2. Gender
  3. Height
  4. Weight
  5. Activity Level

Below is an example of my info.

Be honest with the the activity level, this will aid in determining the proper calories for your fitness goal.

Once you have filled out this information, Click  'Calculate'.


You will then be redirected to a page containing a similar Chart seen below.

If your goal is to GAIN WEIGHT, simply click on 

A Weight Gain Chart will now display as seen below.

Losing weight is a slow process. This is why consistency is important. The first week you might lose "2-10lbs." You have to realize this initial weight isn't Fat Loss, it is Weight Loss due to changing to a healthier diet.

It is also important to note, when choosing the proper Caloric Intake per day, the most realistic goal is "Mild Weight Loss - Lose 0.5lbs/Week".

As good as Losing 1lb+/Week sounds, it is not realistic. You have to remember you did not put on the weight over night. It was habits over a few weeks, months, or even years. Now it's time to create HEALTHY HABITS to get the body you've always wanted.


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