Simple Meals For Your Fitness Journey

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In my personal opinion, keeping your meals simple for your fitness journey is one of the most important variables in staying consistent. Not only are there less ingredients involved, there is less confusion, and less clean up.

Simple foods don't have to be bland nor do they have to be boring.

My favorite meal when I am craving something sweet is Chocolate Protein Oatmeal topped with Walnuts.

This is a perfect balanced meal.

You get your carbohydrates from the Oats, the protein from the Protein Supplement and your healthy fats from the Walnuts.

A general rule I go by to keep my physique is the 40/40/20 macro rule.

This means, 40% of my calories comes from Carbohydrates, 40% from Proteins and lastly, 20% from Fats.

Another simple meal is:

Grilled Chicken Breast (Protein)
Rice (Carbohydrates)
Avocado (Healthy Fats)
Spinach (Vitamins/Fiber)

Everyone thinks working out is the difficult part of a fitness journey. The real truth is, that's the easy part of the journey. Being able to tell your inner voice "no" every time you crave something you're not supposed to eat, is what will separate you from the body you have, and the physique you want. Planning simple meals for your day will set you up for Success.

 Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail.

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